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Bottle Feeding

When bottle-feeding, you can use the same selection criteria  for choosing a pacifier when you need to decide which bottle to use.  The teat should be peristaltic so that if shapes in the baby’s mouth as she sucks on it..  Teatsand teats with wings can also then be used since they encourage lip closing.  Since all babies are unique, it is very difficult to prescribe a specific brand of bottle to use.  When deciding on what bottle to buy, rather use the following guidelines than opting for a specific brand that has worked for another baby.

When choosing a bottle, take the following into consideration:

  • The bottle should be Bisphenol-A (BPA) free.  BPA is an chemical that has been used for many years in the manufacturing of hard plastic containers, and has been known to be toxic.
  • The teat of the bottle should be peristaltic.
  • The measurements indicator of the bottle should not be printed as this can be easily washed off.  Bottles with the measurement indicators moulded on the outside of the bottle is preferred.

Feeding of a premature baby is a very important activity, but it is also a very unnatural and stressful event for both parent and baby. Do yourself a favour, ask to see a lactation consultant while you are still in the NICU and do not just blindly follow the guide of friends and family.  All babies do not necessarily go the same route.  Remember, your baby is a unique little person! In addition, it would serve you well to follow professional advice.

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