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General Workshops

Parenting workshops applicable to parents with full term, healthy babies, but also for parents of preterm babies and multiples. Welma also offer's a variety of individual consultations at the Little Steps™ practice in Potch.

Arrange a workshop or talk at your office or support group on the following topics. Welma Lubbe presents these workshops .Read more about read more about Dr Welma Lubbe .

  • Pregnancy and birth decisions. What to know before you decide: Including choosing a hospital/birth centre, choosing your caregiver. Ante natal classes – only for normal deliveries? How to choose an antenatal class – hospital, private or friends? What is the difference between different kinds of deliveries – normal or Caesar, Epidural or not, water birth?
  • Fetal (pregnancy) developmental and stimulation
  • Considerations in multiple pregnancy and birth
  • Breast or bottle-feeding? – The effect on your baby, but also on mom.
  • All about breastfeeding: before and after birth
  • Baby stimulation (including the role of reflexes)
  • Which products to use for your baby – the things nobody tells you
  • Birth methods: the effect on mom and on your baby’s development
  • All for grandparents – what changed in pregnancy, childbirth and parenting
  • The premmie at home (first year of life)
  • Double (or more) joy: How does a multiple pregnancy differ and what should I be prepared for?

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